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<   No. 601   2004-09-18   >

Comic #601

1 Monty: {accusingly} You would have sold out the secrets of Atlantis to the Nazis for money?!
2 Ginny: Why get involved in political disputes? They're no worse than any other government.
3 Ginny: Besides, I need the money to support my dear mother in luxury in her old age.
4 Prof. Jones: You know, Junior, I'm beginning to like her.

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I wanted to choose a colour for Ginny's speech bubbles that was something like her hair or clothing. I always try to match the speech bubble colour to some aspect of the character, if I can. The trouble was Monty and his father have colours in the beige-to-pink region, and there wasn't a lot of room in between. But I gave Ginny the orange colour since the alternative would be something a lot more green or blue, which would clash rather badly.

So Ginny's dialogue is in a hue exactly midway between Monty's and Professor Jones'. I hope it's different enough to be easily distinguishable.

2013-09-30 Rerun commentary: Gosh, the things I used to think about when making these comics!

I really like this prison cell set, by the way. Which is part of the reason why Monty and his dad seem to end up there so often.

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