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<   No. 5200   2024-05-24   >

Comic #5200

1 City Guard: Well met, weary travellers. What is your business in the Mystical City of Disfahar?
2 Kyros: We seek rest and refreshment on our long and arduous journey to the Fabled and Great City of Rivendeep.
3 City Guard: You won’t make it there. The Vast Stone Desert is impassable.
3 Mordekai: What?! We came all this way for nothing??
4 Lambert: Look on the bright side, Mordekai.
4 Mordekai: What’s that?
4 Lambert: At least we made it Disfahar.

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I am so happy.

I set this pun up in strip #3417, 1783 strips and almost nine years ago. I was afraid it would be way too obvious and some reader would guess what was coming and let the cat out of the bag. But in all that time nobody commented in the forums or to me that they could see it coming.

I was getting increasingly nervous as the gang approached the city and it got mentioned more often in the comic. I'm so glad it's finally come to fruition without being spoiled.

And all of you are very welcome.

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