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<   No. 5139   2024-02-22   >

Comic #5139

1 Ophelia: Angela, we’re leaving and heading home.
2 Angela: But... we haven’t uncovered the murderer!
3 Ophelia: It’s one of those stories where the culprit remains undiscovered and the audience is left to ponder the possibilities.
4 Angela: That is some satire, keen and critical.

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Maybe Shakespeare's plays could be improved by ending them a little earlier and leaving the ultimate fates of the characters a bit more ambiguous.

Romeo and Juliet ends with Romeo drinking the poison, followed by a flutter of Juliet's eyelids.... and roll closing credits.

Macbeth ends with news that apparently the trees of Birnam Wood are marching on Dunsinane. Freeze-frame on Macbeth looking horrified, and roll credits.

Or perhaps Shakespeare already did this to the tragedy of Twelfth Night, ending the play just before Malvolio returns and murders Viola, Sebastian, Duke Orsino, Olivia, Sir Toby, and Maria in a bloodbath of revenge before plunging his sword blade into his own stomach.

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