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<   No. 5092   2023-12-19   >

Comic #5092

1 Haken: Und who is this?
2 Emily: Emily Dearheart, freelance pilot.
3 Haken: A woman as a pilot?
4 Emily: I knew the Nazis were despicable, but that’s just low.

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I've been anticipating this day with some dread, as way back when I introduced Emily as a new character I had to assign her a speech bubble colour. It needed to be different to all the Joneses and Sallah. A green shade would be best. I looked at my comic speech palette (I have a special palette file for quick reference) and saw that Haken was green, and decided to just use that, thinking, "What are the chances that Emily and Haken will ever appear in the same strip?"

Well, here we are.

I was actually wondering if any observant readers would notice this before Haken reappeared and conjecture that Emily was in fact Haken in disguise. Alas nobody suggested that.

And yes, it's too late to suggest that now.

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