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<   No. 4984   2023-05-25   >

Comic #4984

1 Mordekai: So bards weren’t sexy in your day?
2 Alvissa: I wouldn’t put it quite like that, but certainly less... notorious than these days.
3 Mordekai: Well if you’re not claiming it, I’m going to be the sexy one in the party from now on!
4 Dwalin: I dinnae think it works that way, laddy.
4 Draak: Hot is thing you are, not thing you choose to be.
4 Dwalin: Aye, luik at Draak!

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I wonder what sort of voice people hear in their heads when they read Draak's dialogue.

I go for a kind of guttural barbarian voice, but I'm sure other people have their own ideas. It probably helps that Draak is based on a real character from a campaign I ran, so I just imagine his voice the same as what the player did during the game.

I will note that roleplaying doesn't necessarily mean putting on voices for your characters. I see a lot of forum posts abut that these days, with new Dungeon Masters and players lamenting the fact that they find it hard to put on a voice to get into character. This image has been propagated by several popular Dungeons & Dragons podcasts, so a lot of new players think it's a necessary thing.

Far from it! Use a character voice if you want to and feel comfortable doing so! Otherwise it's perfectly fine to just use your own voice. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise. (And if they do, find another group to play with.)

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