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<   No. 4716   2022-03-21   >

Comic #4716

1 Mercutio: It looks like that didn’t go too well.
2 Robert Pakington, MP: On the contrary, my good man. We are invited to her home for dinner tonight.
3 Mercutio: Oh! How did you manage that?
4 Robert Pakington, MP: I said His Majesty’s Government will pay for a wake.
4 Mercutio: Oh! Clever! Using your Parliamentary skills!
4 Robert Pakington, MP: Yes. I lied.

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We're heading into election season here in Australia. The next federal election must be held no later than 21 May, 2022 - less than 8 weeks away as I type this. It's still possible it may be held one, two, or three weeks earlier than that - we don't know yet, as the Government has not announced the election date yet.[1]

Despite the election not being announced yet, candidates have begun campaigning in anticipation, at least around my area. It'll be nice once it's all over.

[1] Technically, the imminent election only needs to be a half-Senate election, rotating out half the senators and electing new ones, while not necessarily electing a new Government. The election of the House of Representatives and a new Australian Government can wait until September, but traditionally this has usually been held simultaneously with a Senate election, to avoid everyone having to vote at two different elections in relatively rapid succession. This has been done before, but not recently, and it would be pretty unpopular if it happened, so the incumbent Government is unlikely to go for it as an option.

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