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<   No. 4715   2022-03-18   >

Comic #4715

1 Terry: You can’t bring Steve back through sewer pipes in pieces and expect to reassemble him!
2 Jane Goodall: Who said anything about reassembling? Anyway, that’s how transporter technology works in Star Trek.
3 Terry: That analogy is no good! They don’t use sewer pipes!
4 Terry: In fact... did they even have toilets on board the Enterprise??

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You could be forgiven for thinking that none of the starships shown in any Star Trek series or movie ever had toilets, because we never see any evidence of dedicated bathrooms. There are, according to the nerd hive-mind of Memory Alpha, exactly two on-screen shots of toilets in Star Trek:

But we never see people go into a bathroom or shots inside such a facility. It would be cool for a scene to take place between some redshirts who are chatting while relieving themselves, but it never seems to happen. Maybe that's why they're so keen to die.

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