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<   No. 4702   2022-02-08   >

Comic #4702

1 Adam: All right, I have my mirror ready. If a vampire appears, we won’t be able to see it in the mirror!
2 Jamie: What use is that?
3 Adam: Well, hopefully it won’t be able to see me either.
4 Adam: Do you know what I look like after a night of no sleep?

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For a mirror, I decided to use a simple Lego piece which is essentially just a paddle-like thing, like the paddles that aircraft ground controllers use to signal the pilot. I realised it wouldn't have a convincing mirror sheen to it, but oh well, what can you do?

Turns out you can do better using Photoshop! I took some suitable parts of each frame, copied it, and reflected it where it was obvious that it should be reflecting something else we can already see (i.e. in the first two panels). I placed it over the paddle face, trimmed the edges, and set the transparency to 75% to make the reflection a little fainter than the direct view.

I think it turned out pretty good!

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