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<   No. 416   2004-03-16   >

Comic #416

1 Haken: {still pacing the zeppeling bridge} Ach! Curse die slowness of this zeppelin!
2 Erwin: But Herr Kolonel, we will be in Venezeuela in only another 8 hours.
3 Haken: Bah! In eight hours, who knows what Herr Doktor Jones will have done? Captured hundreds more specimens!
4 {scene change: Venezuela}
4 Monty: {climbing...} Almost there dad... Just a few more feet. Then we can walk 5 miles through the jungle and start climbing the actual lost plateau.

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Of course he knows Dr. Jones is also going to Venezuela. He's a Nazi, it's his job to know these things.

2013-02-26 Rerun commentary: That's the good thing about annotations. You can "explain" stuff that has no plausible explanation within the plot itself.

It's like a whole Extended Universe of additional canon. Which you can either take into account or ignore - whatever suits you.

Normally in text I like to spell out numbers of ten or less in words, reserving the use of digits for numbers 11 or greater. I think I got this from some writing style guide or other. And you can see I spelt out "eight" in Haken's speech in panel 3 (and "five" in Monty's dialogue). But for Erwin's speech in panel 2, I used "8". The reason is that it's four characters shorter than "eight". Spelling out the number as a word would have made Erwin's speech bubble impossible to break neatly into lines. I could have broken it into lines somehow, but it would have been awfully unbalanced and ugly looking. So I changed to "8".

I'm not sure if I would have done the same thing now. I might just have lived with the unbalanced line breaks.

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