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<   No. 413   2004-03-13   >

Comic #413

1 Haken: {pacing the bridge of the zeppelin} Teufel! I wish we had die Führer's pteranowaffen now, instead of having to fly in this slow zeppelin.
2 Erwin: I have been wondering about that. How can a 50kg animal carry die men and die bombs?
3 Haken: {pacing back and forth} Nazi science can keep die Führer alive in a glass jar! Making der big dinosaurs is no problem!
4 Erwin: Actually, Herr Kolonel, pterosaurs are technically not die dinosaurs...
4 Haken: Zilence!

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2013-02-22 Rerun commentary: This is only the second time we've seen the view through the windows from a zeppelin in flight. The first was in strip #180. That time I used the LEGO bay windows rotated by 90°, and placed my jungle baseplate just below the window to act as the outside scenery.

Here, the bay windows are upright and the view outside is a pasted-in background, achieved with an image editor. In this case it's merely a light sky blue with a subtle gradient to make it darker at the top and lighter at the bottom (to simulate the gradient of a real blue sky). This was the configuration I'd use for future zeppelin window scenes, and later on the outside scenery would involve photos of the sky, clouds, and aerial views of landscapes from high altitude.

The evolution in production and special effects in this comic over just a couple of years echoes the evolution in cinema over 50 years or more!

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