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<   No. 41   2003-03-02   >

Comic #41

1 Kyros: So, Alvissa, who are the great names in elven philosophy?
2 Alvissa: Notable ancient elven philosophers include Goldenleaf Lirandel, Greenfern Elladon, Elwyn Quessedil, Celebrithor...
3 GM: Aaaargh! That's enough!!! Smite, smite, smite!
4 Kyros: I think someone's got a god complex...

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2011-12-16 Rerun commentary: The previous fantasy strip introduced the dungeon wall background which we also see here. This is a sheet from Steve Jackson Games' Cardboard Heroes Dungeon Floors game accessory. It's supposed to be a stone dungeon floor, but it works just as well as a wall. Even though the overlaid movement hexagons imply that things could walk on it.

Which is true actually, if you think about all the various nasty dungeon-dwelling critters that climb up walls.

Elven names, by the way, are dead easy to come up with. Tack together a colour, a name of a plant or part of a plant, and add a word with lots of 'L's or 'R's or 'S's as a surname. Orangeclover Mirralindel. There you go!

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