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<   No. 359   2004-01-19   >

Comic #359

1 Jane Goodall: This man is not the King of Nigeria.
1 Steve: Crikey! What?!
2 Steve: But I got a Nigerian birth certificate. It proves I'm the late King's brother. I was crowned!
3 Prosecutor: There! You heard him! He admits it! What evidence could you possibly have that proves he's not the King of Nigeria?
4 Jane Goodall: Nigeria's been a republic since 1963.

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Gasp!s from the public gallery and the jury box!

You may be wondering why there's a jury of twelve for an e-mail fraud trial. Well, spamming should be the worst sort of criminal offence...

2012-12-21 Rerun commentary: Nigeria became independent of Britain in 1960, and formally declared itself a federal republic in 1963. This established it as a modern republic (a state without a monarch), made up of a federation of the smaller traditional Nigerian states. Most of these smaller states however, maintain a royal figurehead to this day. These hereditary traditional rulers still have great status, but no longer inherit any political power. They could be considered "kings" of (parts of) Nigeria, although their titles are less Anglic terms, such as Emir, Amanyanabo, or Oba, among others.

There never really was a single unified "King of Nigeria" at all.

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