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<   No. 3559   2016-11-21   >

Comic #3559

1 Monty: {on phone} Hello, Sallah. Can you get to England? We want you to look for Excalibur.
2 Monty: Well Dad's found some leads in Malory, and I tripped over a stone in Tintagel with inscriptions.
3 Monty: If we find Arthur's grave then—
4 Monty: What do you mean it should be at the bottom of a lake?

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Many of the various different Arthur stories state that when Arthur was dying he asked one of his knights (either Sir Griflet or Sir Bedivere, depending on which story) to throw his sword Excalibur into a nearby lake. The knight decides that discarding such a good sword would be a waste, and hides it instead. But on returning to the dying Arthur, the king asks what the knight saw. Not understanding the significance of the question, the knight merely describes the lake. This reveals to Arthur that his order has not been carried out, and he reiterates the request.

The knight again can't bring himself to throw away such a fine sword, and returns to Arthur, who asks him the same question. Again, the knight cannot respond with any suitable insight, and Arthur knows his request has been refused again. He makes his dying wish a third time. The knight realises he has to go through with it and throws the sword into the lake...

At which point the hand of the mysterious Lady of the Lake emerged from the water to catch the sword and then pull it under the waters. When the knight returns and breathlessly informs Arthur of this unbelievable story, Arthur knows the deed has been done, and can die in peace.

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