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<   No. 3558   2016-11-18   >

Comic #3558

1 Spanners: I've been talking with Quercus. We have a problem. X didn't restore our velocity when he returned us to this region of space.
2 Spanners: We need to re-accelerate to go to Triana. If we go at top speed, we won't be able to decelerate once we arrive, and will fly through the system.
3 Spanners: But if we save enough fuel to slow down when we get there, it'll take us four times as long, and we don't have enough supplies.
4 Serron: I vote we cannibalise Paris!

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It's good to cut straight to the most important issue in a crisis.

Note: Strictly speaking cannibalism is eating your own species, and since none of our crew here are of the same species as any of the others, they can't technically commit cannibalism. The word is being used in a more casual, looser sense, to indicate eating one's fellow sapient compatriots.

We really need a good word for that. Look how useful it would be here!

EDIT: A reader mentioned the word sophiophagy, which refers to the act of eating intelligent beings. This seems to be a rather uncommon word, only getting 2 distinct Google hits as of this writing. (The variant spelling sophophagy gets 3 hits.) Well, if we take this word as given, then what is the verb form that can replace "cannibalise"?

"I vote we sophiophagise Paris"? "I vote we sophiophagify Paris"?

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