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<   No. 3434   2015-10-29   >

Comic #3434

1 X: Well then, time to abandon this pretence of a fair trial and just throw a semi-omnipotent tantrum!
2 X: Behold, I have flung your ship thousands of parsecs across the Galaxy to an uncharted region!
3 X: Here you shall encounter your most dangerous foe ever!
4 Serron: It's not me from the future again, is it?

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I was thinking about how I could show the ship being suddenly displaced by a huge distance, and fortunately the idea of selecting very differently coloured starfield backgrounds occurred to me. Unfortunately, it played havoc with the white balance of my photos between the two different scenes, as you might be able to see by the slight residual colour difference on the grey baseplate in the first panel, which is after I corrected as best I could for the difference.

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