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<   No. 34   2003-02-23   >

Comic #34

1 Me: Hmmmm. Lots of cloned animals are dying lately.
2 Me: Must be the work of a copycat killer.
3 Me: {gives the reader a look}
4 Me: {rolls eyes} Oh, that was baa-aaa-d.

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Dolly died on 14 February, 2003. Her death had been preceded just a week earlier by the deaths of other cloned animals.

Yes, that's a Calvin and Hobbes T-shirt I'm wearing in panel 4. Yes, I know Bill Watterson has not licensed any Calvin and Hobbes products and that this shirt was produced by an intellectual property pirate. I did not know that at the time I bought it, however, and assumed Bill had been paid a licensing fee. I discovered these facts only years later. Throwing away what has become my all-time favourite shirt now seems like a futile protest, so I have kept it.

This strip generated the most comment of any strip so far. Most of the "Aaaaugh!", "That was awful!", and "How could you?!" variety.

2011-12-08 Rerun commentary: Dolly the sheep was big news back in the day. I mean huge news. Everyone knew who she was, she was in all the papers, the stand-up comedians were cracking jokes about her. Webcomics were making jokes about her!

But her fame has faded. I bet there are teenagers out there who have never even heard of Dolly. And her death was an historic event that occurred less than 10 years ago!

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