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<   No. 319   2003-12-10   >

Comic #319

1 Mordekai: {standing on a yellow brick road} We'd best find out in what strange fantasy land this tornado's dropped us.
2 Munchkin 1: Yeah, I won this +8 flaming Everything-Slayer after I killed Asmodeus, then I ruled Hell until I got bored of it.
3 Munchkin 2: Bah, this here's the Hand of Vecna. The other hand - I cut it off when I killed him. Took me two whole hits with my Godkill Dagger.
4 Lambert: Uh oh. Munchkins.

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For anyone not familiar with this context, in gaming terms a "munchkin" is a player who takes deliberate pleasure in simply becoming as powerful as possible, to no end other than ego-gratification, often using rules loopholes or bizarre character backgrounds to justify excesses that any sane person would recognise as simply ridiculous.

I also want to say that damn brick road used up nearly all my yellow bricks, so I hope you appreciate it!

2012-11-05 Rerun commentary: Now here's something I couldn't do nine years ago! Link to a relevant TV Tropes article!

And a relevant Wikipedia article.

And if I'd linked to an article about Vecna, it would have looked like this.

This transferal of the Fantasy theme into the Land of Oz was kind of bizarre. It only lasted two strips.

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