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<   No. 318   2003-12-09   >

Comic #318

1 Iki Piki: Let's go into the memory core room while these skeletons are arguing.
2 Iki Piki: Okay, what do we need to do to fix the computer?
2 Spanners: Flip that switch.
3 Iki Piki: Flip a switch?! Is that all? We had to use neural interfaces, enter cyberspace, and battle giant frogs to do that?
4 Spanners: You've obviously never tried to find the reset switch on an iMac.

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To be honest, I've never used an iMac. I polled a chat room for "something hardware-related that should be simple but is notoriously tricky for many users", and that's what I got. I remembered the reset switches on the old Mac Pluses (one of which I had many aeons ago) and figured they mustn't have improved on them.

I'm definitely not anti-Mac. Remember the BSOD in #296? I'm more accurately described as anti-computer. Yeah, and I make a webcomic. Ain't irony grand?

2012-11-03 Rerun commentary: In fact, as this comic goes into rerun, I am currently planning on purchasing an iMac as my newest computer, to replace the aging Windows XP machine that I've been using for about the past 5 years. Of course since this comic was first published, iMacs have been through several iterations of redesign and processing power upgrades.

Hopefully they've done something about that reset switch.

On another note, I like that fact that they had to battle giant frogs to fix their computer. If only real life were that interesting.

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