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<   No. 3184   2011-10-15   >

Comic #3184

1 Carlos: Alright Charon, what's the gig that'll make us quits for last year's Oscars pool?
1 Charon: Nothing too strenuous, cousin Carlos...
1 Chazz: I still say Franco was undead.
2 Charon: ... Just the rudimentary job of auditioning the cold-call applicants for "Pity Hire Day".
2 Charon: First up: Death by Wicked Witch Of The West Cosplay, With Winged Ape Minions.
2 Carlos: Oh no.
2 Wicked Witch of the West Cosplayer: Boys, if you ruin this for me...
2 Winged Monkey 1: If your wing hits my chin one more time...
2 Winged Monkey 2: You and what army?
3 Carlos: That should be "flying monkeys".
3 Charon: You expect people dumb enough to have been kiled by their own costume to necessarily know the difference between apes and monkeys?
4 Charon: Where was I? Oh, right... Death by Cement Shoes While Wearing A Loincloth And Bandana Cap... Death by Zombie Ski Instructor...
4 Zombie Ski Instructor: Moguls not require brains, only knees...
4 Death in Cement Shoes, Wearing A Loincloth And Bandana Cap: Odd that they're not wearing anything, and yet I feel exposed here.
5 Charon: ... Then Death of Front-Line Medical Professional by Monstrous Magic-Originated Mutation...
5 Medical Professional: The tears of your unfortunate family will provide the saline solution for me to cleanse the Earth of human infestation!
6 Charon: And finally Death by Addle-Minded Hipster Pimp Wearing A Fez And Driving A Smartcar.
6 Addle-Minded Hipster Pimp: And the stereo's tuned to nothing but dead ironic fads - swing revival, post-surf, power-pop, speed-filk...
6 Medical Professional: Oooh, hit up "When She Was Happy" by Pluto!
7 Carlos: Charon, this is utterly unfair! Not to be cruel - but to be incredibly cruel - but these losers are so pathetic that even Death by Insanely Overpowered Fireballs will seem like the elder statesman of the company! Clever, even!
8 Yummy Mummy: Fresh!
8 SFX: *dry cough of a slap*
8 Chazz: Owww! I only asked if there was anything other than angry scarabs under your linen wrappings!
9 Charon: Fair's fair, Carlos. Do you know how hard it is for a Death to get to see a live production of "Macbeth"? And then you go and talk me into tickets for the second night's show instead?
9 Charon: Oh, and Death of Saying "Macbeth" In A Theatre wants to talk to you, too...
10 Carlos: Oh no, not this again.
10 Death of Saying "Macbeth" In A Theatre: Whaddaya mean, "again"? Death of watching a "Punch and Judy" show gets more work than I do! Even Death of Marzipan Cellphone Ingestion is busier!
10 Yummy Mummy: {stalking off} My scarabs are perfectly behaved...
10 Chazz: {on ground} So much for a "mummy I'd like to friend"...

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The second entry in Guest Week is from Lich Barrister, creator of Ye Olde Lego-Time Theatre. Have you ever wondered what The Muppet Show would be like if it was run by a pair of liches? (The red-eyed Carlos and Chazz in the comic above.) Well, wonder no longer! Head over and see what shenanigans they and their loyal acting troupe get up to in the Downfall Theatre. Ye Olde Lego-Time Theatre updates three times a week, on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

As with yesterday's guest strip, this one introduces some characters I really need to get. The Addle-Minded Hipster Pimp is a stroke of genius.

Lich Barrister notes that there actually was a band called Pluto in Vancouver: "Seemed like an appropriate band name for unspeakable magic fandom."

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