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<   No. 3183   2011-10-14   >

Comic #3183

1 Jester: For my first trick, I will eat this fire. And get shot AT by a cannon!
2 Jester: Whilst fighting a polar bear! And sitting in a pit of spikes!
3 Jester: Altho, I willth eaf thith landmine!
4 Death of Inhaling Hatmaking Chemicals: Hate to be interruptin', guv, but ya' died 2 'ours ago. 'at chemicals. They're a killa'.

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It's Guest Week!

Kicking it off is Rudi of BlockTales - a series of tales told with... um, blocks! Short story arcs that bounce between genres like a bunch of short story arcs that explore different genres! BlockTales has been publishing strips every weekday for over two years, and is a member of the Brick Comic Network.

Check it out, and tell Rudi I sent you. Although he'll know that already, since he made this strip...

Incidentally, I must get myself one of those polar bears. That's one of the coolest LEGO animals I've seen.

EDIT: BlockTales has been removed from the net, so I've removed the broken link to its former site.

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