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<   No. 3179   2011-10-10   >

Comic #3179

1 Ophelia: Well, this is marvellous! Mercutio is unexpectedly rich, and we're all going to live the life of our dreams from now on!
2 Shakespeare: I don't know. It's all a bit too convenient. From a writer's standpoint, it's like someone pulled a Deus ex machina on us.
3 {beat}
4 Shakespeare: Ah, what the heck! Mr Marlowe?
4 Marlowe: Yes, Shakespeare?
4 Shakespeare: We quit!

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One of my friends at work always says that when he wins the lottery and becomes immensely wealthy, he will not only quit his job, but he will set up a company dedicated to creating wacky stuff. To this end, he will hire me, and several of our mutual friends who also help out with strange projects that we do like Darths & Droids and mezzacotta, so that we too can quit our current jobs and spend all day dreaming up weird stuff, throwing ideas at one another, discussing what ones might actually be worth pursuing, and going off and creating them.

We believe that this almost certainly would produce something worthy of our effort, something that could be shared with the world and that would make us appreciated as artists, or creators, or developers, or whatever you want to call us. Something that people would enjoy seeing, and might even be willing to pay a little bit of money for. It might even be possible to eventually turn a profit, or at least a living out of it.

I really think we could do it. We're a bunch of creative and driven people.

The trouble is, it's risky to actually quit our jobs and pursue this dream. Really risky. Far too risky for people like us with families and mortgages to seriously contemplate.

We know there are artists and creators out there who don't balk at this risk, who take that chance, and try to make a go of this sort of dream. They are very special people. If you see something by one of those sort of people, and you like what they're producing, show them some support. Show them that their dream can come true, and that they haven't thrown away a comfortable life in the fruitless pursuit of something they want to do, but to no avail. Show them that the risk was worthwhile.

The more people like this that find some support, the more creative people who will evaluate that risk as something they're comfortable taking, and the more cool stuff we will get to see.

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