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<   No. 3175   2011-10-06   >

Comic #3175

1 Mercutio: And now that I know how talented and creative you two are, I'm going to start a film company. Will, you can write; Ophelia, you can direct!
2 Ophelia: What? Where are you going to get your hands on that kind of money?
2 Mercutio: I have a huge inheritance.
2 Ophelia: You never told us that!
3 Mercutio: You never asked. I've just been goofing off in this job until I worked out what I wanted to do with it. Now I know!
4 Shakespeare: You could at least have got us nicer office chairs in the meantime.

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I wanted to get myself a better office chair to sit on at work. One of those specially designed "saddle" seats without a backrest, because I find I inevitably slouch if I have a backrest, and end up with a sore back. I actually sit on an exercise ball, and have done so both at my desk at home and in the office for a few years now. It's almost impossible to slouch on one of those, and my posture and back are much better for it.

But there are these fancy nice ergonomic office seats that have a saddle-shaped seat and no backrest. I think one of those would be nice, comfortable, and somehow more appropriate for the office. I looked into buying one for myself... but they cost almost $1000! It'd be tax deductable, but still... that's a lot more than an exercise ball.

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