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<   No. 3001   2011-04-15   >

Comic #3001

1 Erwin: Quickly, this way.
1 Young Adam: Who are you?
2 Erwin: My name is Erwin. I am die son of a Jewish shopkeeper. I faked my identity und joined die Nazis so I could work against them from die inside.
3 Young Jamie: Wow, that's brave of you. One man alone against the Nazis is a daunting proposition.
4 Erwin: Ja. But die cafeteria makes die good potato salad.

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If all goes as planned, as this comic goes live I will be in a plane somewhere over the south Pacific Ocean, on my way to South America for a three-week holiday. South America is one of the two continents I've not yet visited (the other being Antarctica), so I'm pretty excited about this trip.

Ever since I first learnt about Macchu Picchu, I've wanted to see it with my own eyes. Now I'm finally going to. I'll also be spending time in Ecuador and Chile. Unfortunately, three weeks isn't even enough time to do justice to a small country, let alone a whole continent.

But it will be good to visit the land of origin of the humble potato. It's amazing to think that potatoes were unknown in European cuisine until after the colonisation of the Americas in the 16th century. Apparently they make some truly awesome potato salads in Peru. It's hard to beat a good potato salad.

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