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<   No. 281   2003-11-02   >

Comic #281

1 King of Nigeria: Finance Minister, my health is failing fast. We must find an heir to the throne of Nigeria.
2 Nigerian Finance Minister: My research has found your long-lost twin brother, your highness! But although he will inherit your fortune...
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: ... the bureaucracy demands he pays $800 for a copy of his birth certificate first. I've emailed him the details.
3 King of Nigeria: Good.
4 Steve: {checking his email across the world in Australia} Crikey!

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2012-09-21 Rerun commentary: Crikey! I figured it would be interesting to have a crossover story involving Steve and the Nigerian Finance Minister. It would allow Steve to travel to Africa and interact with some interesting wildlife. I had no idea where this story arc would go when I started it. The very idea just seemed utterly ridiculous at the time - so why the heck not?!

You'll also notice that this isn't yet the new set that would become Steve's home in the future. In fact, his desk is sitting in a spot that looks suspiciously similar to where the Nigerians are. This may have been some laziness in setting up the photos for this strip. And it's why I felt the need to indicate explicitly in the transcript that Steve is in fact "across the world in Australia".

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