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<   No. 262   2003-10-14   >

Comic #262

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: {sitting at his computer} This is a proud moment for Nigeria. Finally we have our own communications satellite!
2 {Scene change: a space view showing a saucer}
2 [caption]: Meanwhile, in Martian patrol saucer ZX753...
3 {Scene change: inside the saucer}
3 Martian 1: The Earthlings have sent up another satellite, captain.
3 Martian 2: Monitor the transmissions.
4 Martian 1: {checking his computer} "Risk-Free" "100 percent legal" "Transfer to your bank account" "Retain 10 percent"

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Nigeria really did launch its first satellite on 26 September, 2003.

Read all about it from the BBC, or Wikipedia, or Encyclopedia Astronautica.

2012-08-30 Rerun commentary: Wow. Amazingly, as I type this almost nine years after this comic was published, all of those links listed above are still active and informationally relevant. Who says Nigerian high technology would never last?

The saucer really is a LEGO flying saucer model. It's tres cool. I photographed it on a sheet of white paper, then cut out around it and pasted in a starfield background. At least I think that's what I did - it's hard remembering this stuff after nine years.

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