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<   No. 2593   2010-03-03   >

Comic #2593

1 Scientist Adam: That's a stegosaurus!
2 Scientist Jamie: We should have brought a camera.
3 Scientist Adam: I could write a thousand-word essay describing it.
4 Scientist Jamie: I always wondered about that saying...

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One of the many incredibly cool things about Stegosaurus is that the spiky bit on the end of its tail, with which it could presumably do nasty damage to any threatening predator that got too close, is called the thagomizer, after a word invented by cartoonist Gary Larson in one of his Far Side strips.

No, seriously.

Now if only paleontologists will start referring to Allosauruses as "Mr President".

2024-06-01 Rerun commentary: Dinosaurs used to be easy. There were only a few species that anyone other than palaeontologists really knew, so it was easy to remember all the names. Now we've discovered so many more species, and many of them are incredibly cool in different ways. Which is good, but it makes it hard to keep up with the names of all of them. I can name maybe 30 or 40 species from memory, but that barely scratches the surface any more.

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