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<   No. 256   2003-10-08   >

Comic #256

1 Head Death: Ah. Sat On By A Giant Frog. Sit down.
1 Death of Being Sat On By A Giant Frog: Yes, sir.
2 Death of Being Sat On By A Giant Frog: I know, sir. I goofed again. I'm sorry.
2 Head Death: Too right you did.
3 Head Death: I ought to fire you for this. But times are tough...
4 Head Death: And we're down to a skeleton staff already.

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Although Death is technically a Fantasy theme character, he last appeared in the Harry Potter theme, in strips #242, #244, #247, and #250.

For those insufferable computer geeks, you might note this is a milestone strip, being number 28. Thanks to zem for the punchline.

2012-08-23 Rerun commentary: Wow. Death didn't even have a theme of its own back here!

I believe Death must have got its own theme fairly shortly after this, because it is listed as theme number 13 (appropriately enough) in my database, and theme number 12 is the Nigerian Finance minister (who definitely had a theme by now), and theme number 14 is Shakespeare, who has already appeared but hasn't yet earned a theme to himself quite yet. So I'd figure Death got assigned its own theme before Shakespeare appears again.

Also, the Infinite Featureless Plain is still wood-floored.

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