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<   No. 2524   2009-12-24   >

Comic #2524

1 Caption: Oh, the weather outside is frightful / and the carolers are spiteful. / But if their threats won't suffice: / Hastur once, Hastur twice, Hastur thrice!
2 Caption: They're showing no signs of stopping, / People's heads they are a-lopping / The chanting is not too nice: / Hastur once, Hastur twice, Hastur thrice!
3 Caption: When they finally end their song, / How you'll hate seeing what will come next! / You'll see the angles are all wrong, / And your mind will be most vexed!
4 Caption: People are slowly dying, / There's no time for the good-bying. / For such frights just take this advice: / Hastur once, Hastur twice, Hastur thrice!

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It's the traditional Christmas Eve comic again! As usual, I wish you all the best or, if you're not into the whole Christmas thing, at least you might get some fun out of this version of the song "Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!"

2023-11-20 Rerun commentary: If my calculations are correct, this rerun should run on the day that I return from my current trip to Europe. Since I'm visiting Finland in November, there's a chance that I might even see some snow. Maybe... for the first time in my life... I might see snow falling.

If I do, I'm sure I'll be telling you about it somewhere, because it'll be one of the most exciting events in my life. I can't even imagine what my reaction will be if I see flakes of snow falling from the sky.

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