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<   No. 2502   2009-12-02   >

Comic #2502

1 Steve: No Jane, you're not getting me! It's not necessary to warn the public at all. The Balrog was... pretty relaxed last time I saw him.
2 Jane Goodall: Relaxed?
2 Steve: Calmer. No threat to anyone. Ever again!
3 {beat}
4 Jane Goodall: ... Did you know chimps exhibit deceptive behaviour?
4 Steve: {looking at computer} Oh look, 'e just posted on Twitter! "Blending into society. Becoming accountant. Hope I'm left alone!"

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Mentioning Twitter is probably going to date this comic badly.

If you're reading this in the archive 2 years from now, Twitter used to be this really popular web site where people used to post short messages about what they are doing at the time. And by the way, you've left the lights on in your flying car.

2023-10-29 Rerun commentary: Hahaha!

Oh my gosh, I almost died of laughter when I saw this pop up in my rerun annotation queue.

For those of you reading this comic another 2 years from now, it's funny because when this rerun ran, Twitter had been renamed as X and was clearly in a downward spiral of irrelevance and dwindling user base due to mismanagement and trying to charge people for what used to be free accounts.

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