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<   No. 2494   2009-11-24   >

Comic #2494

1 General: Hey, you two!
2 Young Jamie: Uh oh. The base commander. We'll be nabbed for trespassing on military property.
3 General: I thought you two professors would still be looking at the crash wreckage.
4 Young Jamie: He thinks we're our own grandfathers!
4 Young Adam: Military intelligence at its finest.

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Now this one I actually did go back and redo part of a previous episode to fix a potential problem in this strip. The general is the same character of course, so needs the same coloured speech balloons. But when I originally made #2457, I gave him blue balloons. Only when I came to make this strip did I realise that they were indistinguishable from Jamie's balloons, so I went back and remade #2457 to give the general green ones instead.

This isn't nearly as interesting as a DVD commentary, I know.

2023-10-21 Rerun commentary: Now, in the future, DVDs are virtually obsolete. One of the best things about them was getting the extra audio tracks containing the director's commentary, or commentary by various cast and crew.

Now we're in the era of streaming movies, the audio commentary seems to be dying out. It should be feasible enough to have commentary tracks on streaming video, selectable like an alternate language track, but they don't seem to do it. They seem to be an interesting piece of media that existed for just a brief period when DVDs were popular. Blu-ray discs have them too, but of course they're dying out now as well.

There's even a story about this exact thing on The Verge, from a few months ago.

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