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<   No. 2487   2009-11-17   >

Comic #2487

1 Haken: Erwin! Throw them in die cells!
1 Erwin: Jawohl!
2 Prof. Jones: I thought you said you were taking us out to a play and dinner.
3 Haken: I was being sarcastic! Die Nazi sense of humour is very dry!
4 Prof. Jones: Oh. So that whole thing your Führer told Neville Chamberlain about not wanting to conquer Europe?
4 Haken: A joke, yes!

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If this was set in our own timeline, this would be slightly anachronistic, as Hitler and Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement ceding control of the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia to Germany in 1938, which is a few years after this theme is supposed to be set.

Poor Mr Chamberlain was fated to give a famous speech on his return to England, assuring his countrymen that his agreement with Hitler had sealed "Peace for our time".

In hindsight, not such a great move.

But I never let a little anachronism get in the way of some good Nazi humour.

2023-09-24 Rerun commentary: The Nazi sense of humour is in fact drier than a lot of the white wines produced in the Rhine region.

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