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<   No. 2481   2009-11-11   >

Comic #2481

1 Customs Officer: Welcome to Australia. Name?
1 Jane Goodall: Dame Jane Goodall.
2 Customs Officer: Where have you arrived from today?
2 Jane Goodall: Africa.
3 Customs Officer: Anything to declare?
3 Jane Goodall: A great many things, young man!
4 Jane Goodall: Do you know what's wrong with the world today!? Where should I begin? Young whippersnappers like you for a start...
4 Customs Officer: You can go through...

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I've always found that declaring something at Customs makes it much easier and faster to get through. The people who declare nothing tend to be the ones pulled over for complete luggage inspections, whereas if you say you're carrying a bag of jelly babies and a wooden souvenir elephant, the Customs officers just look at you as though you have no idea what you're doing and wave you through.

I'm not so sure how Jane's declaration tactic would go down in real life though.

2023-09-03 Rerun commentary: The last time I came back into Australia from overseas, a couple of months ago, I neglected to declare anything. Sure enough, got pulled out of the queue and made to stand in a marked area while customs officials ran a sniffer dog over me and my luggage.

Looks like Jane avoids this by not bringing any luggage at all.

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