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<   No. 243   2003-09-25   >

Comic #243

1 Monty: {holding the spear reverently} The Spear of Longinus!
1 Prof. Jones: Wonderful, Junior!
2 Good Haken: {gesturing with his hook} Ah, Herr Doktor Jones. We meet once again. It's lucky I found you in time.
2 Monty: Colonel Haken!
3 Monty, Good Haken: {said at the same time, while they both hold the spear} This belongs in a museum! Not in the hands of your evil government!
4 Monty, Good Haken: {also said at the same time} What did you say?
4 Prof. Jones: Actually, Junior, he's got a point about the government.

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Yes, as Jan-Willem v/d Broek pointed out to me in an email, the alternate Haken is now wearing a grey hat instead of the black one he had on last time we saw him.

This was a deliberate change by me, not a continuity error! So there! You'll see why later on.

2012-08-08 Rerun commentary: It really doesn't matter what sort of government they're talking about. Government is always an acceptable target for jokes.

It's interesting that wherever they are, there's also one of those black falcon shields in the background, just like in the museum in Brazil where they found the Mayan Codex and the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

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