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<   No. 190   2003-08-03   >

Comic #190

1 Haken: {gesturing to an impressive book on a pedestal} There it is, Erwin. The first Mayan Codex.
2 Haken: The words of ancient gods of unimaginable power, recorded by Mayan high priests!
3 Haken: With this, the Third Reich will have access to all that power!
4 Erwin: Didn't the Maya collapse into decadence and then get wiped out by the Spanish within just a few years?

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2012-06-07 Rerun commentary: This is an example of the literary conceit known as "Erwiny".

The shield in the background is one of the classic LEGO Castle shields, showing the heraldic device of the Black Falcon faction. They seemed to be the "bad guys", positioned in conflict with the Crusaders, who had a lion crest.

Of course this just made the Black Falcons more fun for pre-adolescent boys to collect, but alas they never released as many Falcon sets as Crusader sets.

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