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<   No. 2334   2009-06-17   >

Comic #2334

1 Long Tom: So ye be wantin' to be joinin' our crew? Ye'll ha' to be bunkin' wi' the men.
2 Wendy: Er... okay.
2 Crew: Arrrrr!
3 [caption]: Later:
3 Dirque: Cap'n, the men nay be wantin' to be bunkin' wi' the wench.
4 Long Tom: Why not?
4 Dirque: She be fleecin' us at cards!

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If you're a guy, you don't want to be fleeced at anything by a wench, trust me.

I remember the time I was at a conference with a female friend from my university. There was a pool table in the bar there. She said, "Hey, do you want a game?" Being a moderately reasonable snooker and pool player, I accepted, thinking I would have a comfortable victory.

I think I got two shots in before she cleared the table.

2022-07-28 Rerun commentary: Said female friend stayed in astronomy (which we were studying together) while I left the field to pursue a different career path. She's now very successful in that field. She even has an asteroid named after her!

It would be fitting if pool players also named a trick shot after her.

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