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<   No. 2298   2009-05-12   >

Comic #2298

1 Steve: So how d'you reckon an Allosaurus got 'ere, Jane?
2 Young Jane Goodall: A relic population, living undetected here in the Montana badlands for the past 135 million years, only now revealed to man.
3 Steve: Or maybe 'e fell through a time rift!
4 Young Jane Goodall: Don't be ridiculous.

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There are some things for which time rifts are actually the more plausible explanation.

And just to add more mystery to your life, here is a Wikipedia article I ran across today. I'd never heard of these mysterious numbers stations before. The world truly is a stranger place than you can imagine.

2022-05-23 Rerun commentary: That looks very fertile for badlands.

Badlands got their name because they are literally "bad lands" to travel through (via a calque from Canadian French, which originally used the term les mauvaises terres à traverser, meaning "bad lands to travel through"). Sometimes the simple explanation is the correct one.

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