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<   No. 2266   2009-04-10   >

Comic #2266

1 [caption]: An American college, 1982:
1 Adam: Hi. It looks like we're roomies. My name's Adam.
2 Jamie: Jamie. Come on in. Got a lot of stuff to move?
3 Adam: Just my Dungeons & Dragons collection.
4 Jamie: Dungeons & Dragons? Oh my god, you're a nerd!
4 Adam: Says the guy with a poster of Nikola Tesla on the wall...

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I couldn't find what colleges the real MythBusters went to, but it hardly matters, as it almost certainly wasn't the same one as each other. And especially not such that they were in the same year.

2022-02-25 Rerun commentary: New information!

The real Adam Savage spent six months at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts studying acting, before dropping out. His highest academic qualification is high school.

The real Jamie Hyneman attended Indiana University, getting a degree in... Russian linguistics! That was a surprise to me.

In the IWC-verse, Adam and Jamie are therefore significantly more qualified to do scientific research! (Having idolised Nikola Tesla and played Dungeons & Dragons.)

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