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<   No. 214   2003-08-27   >

Comic #214

1 Obi-Wan: [whispering] Your memory must be faulty, little droid. That was an R4 unit who went with me to Kamino.
2 Artoo: Boop! Beep! Boop! Bleep! Beep! Bloop! <whistle>
3 Threepio: "Maybe so, but I still helped save you and Anakin and Amidala from Count Dooku on Geonosis, remember?"
4 Obi-Wan: No no no! The R2 unit I knew back then had rocket thrusters and could fly!

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After the email and LiveJournal Geekstorm™ generated by the canon error in strip #210, I had to do something that would explain Artoo's mistaken recollection. Okay, so it doesn't actually explain it, but it at least points out that Artoo was indeed mistaken. That's better than you'll ever get from George Lucas, baby!

Thanks to BobP for the idea. And all those who had suppressed the memory of Artoo's little aerial jaunt in Episode II, you can blame him for the reminder.

2012-07-05 Rerun commentary: This strip raised the interesting question of how to portray whispering in IWC. The standard comic strip convention to show whispering is to use a dashed outline for the speech balloon instead of a solid outline. That option simply wasn't available to me since my speech balloons don't have outlines at all!*

So I brainstormed ideas and came up with three possibilities:

  1. Use a smaller font shrunk inside a large balloon.
  2. Use an italic font.
  3. Use a colour with less contrast than black.
As you can see, in the end I decided that any one alone might risk not conveying the idea as well as using all three at once.

Also, when I looked at this strip again now before writing this rerun comment, I thought I'd made a spelling error by not spelling it "Count Dookû".

* Yeah, I could have added a dashed outline, but with the graphics program I was using at the time and my knowledge of how to use it, I'd probably have to have drawn it painstakingly by hand. No thanks.

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