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<   No. 1989   2008-07-07   >

Comic #1989

1 Erwin: {on the truck roof} Herr Doktor Jones! Hang on!
2 Monty: {clinging precariously to the radiator grille of the speeding truck} Now you want to save me?! Bit inconsistent, aren't you?
3 Erwin: See, this is another good reason for being a Nazi! I can be arbitrary and inconsistent!
4 Erwin: Doktor Jones...!! {as Monty falls under the moving truck}

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Just in case anyone's wondering, Colonel Haken is indeed driving from the passenger side of the truck cabin. All he needs is to stick his left foot over on the accelerator and steer, after all.

2019-08-18 Rerun commentary: Interestingly, Erwin's alignment definitely has a Chaotic component to it. Whereas Colonel Haken is a bit more on the Lawful side.

This scene is of course an homage* to the classic scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indiana Jones falls under the front of the moving truck, pretty much exactly like this.

It's interesting how the Lego baseplate studs look like just cobblestones when viewed from above...

* Not a rip-off.

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