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<   No. 1683   2007-09-05   >

Comic #1683

1 Wendy: So Dirque, what be ye doin' wi' yer share o' the treasure when we be findin' it with the map and be diggin' it up?
2 Dirque: I be doin' the traditional pirate thing, Wendy.
3 Wendy: Blowin' it in a wild spree o' rum, gamblin', and wenchin'?
4 Dirque: Nay! Buryin' it on an island fer safe-keepin' and makin' a map leadin' to it!

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The background photo is one I took on Lord Howe Island.

2018-02-14 Rerun commentary: Buried treasure is a thing that pretty much only ever happens in fiction, not reality. The only pirate known to have actually done it is William Kidd, who did it a grand total of once. And he didn't make a map either - he just remembered where he buried it. Until he was hanged before he could recover it. Oops.

The myth of buried treasure and treasure maps was popularised by fiction, mostly Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island (which was itself based on William Kidd's story).

But that's all okay because, as we know, Wendy and Dirque are in fact fictional pirates. Don't tell them though.

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