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<   No. 1646   2007-07-30   >

Comic #1646

1 Monty: So I enter the answer... Oh!
1 Minnesota Jones: Oh?
2 Monty: A die popped out of a slot. "Roll a six," the plaque says now.
2 Minnesota Jones: So roll it. Make sure you get a six.
3 Monty: But... do you know what the odds of that are? What if I roll some other number? How is this a puzzle?
4 Minnesota Jones: You're puzzled, aren't you?

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A die, as most people reading this will probably know, is the singular of dice. This usage is common amongst role-players, gamers, geeks of all varieties, and language pedants. I suspect that most people simply refer to a die as "a dice" though.

Even for greater ease of comprehension I couldn't bring myself to do it, though. So if you didn't know it before and wondered what a "die" is, now you know.

2017-11-19 Rerun commentary: Recently I was playing Roll for the Galaxy[1] with some friends and someone used dices to refer to more than one die.

I felt a disturbance in the Force, as if a million geeks had screamed out in pain, and then were suddenly silenced.

[1] A good game, by the way. Consider it recommended. Along with its card game siblings Jump Drive and Race for the Galaxy.

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