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<   No. 1603   2007-06-17   >

Comic #1603

1 {scene: A courtroom.}
1 Defence Counsel: ... so it's clear, your Honour, from this new footage that my client acted purely in self defence, and thus must be acquitted.
2 Judge: Hmmm. But it's inconsistent with the earlier film, shown by the prosecution. This whole case really boils down to one question: Who fired the first shot?
3 Everyone in the jury box: Han shot first! Han shot first!
4 Han: {on the phone} George? It's Han. I'm not paying. Your little ruse didn't fool anybody!

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This strip is dedicated to absent friends and readers: Raffi, missed, but not forgotten.

2017-08-12 Rerun commentary: Wow, that's a big blue wall of bricks. I normally use the large slab-like Lego bricks to make walls, as you need far fewer of them than the more regular sized bricks. But this wall looks like it was built out of dozens of small bricks if not a hundred or more.

It may not be as obvious any more, but George's "little ruse" was the first "Han shoots Greedo" edit to Star Wars made in the Special Edition release of 1997.

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