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<   No. 1570   2007-05-15   >

Comic #1570

1 {scene: a pitch black tunnel}
1 Alvissa: Did you say something, Lambert?
1 Lambert: What? No.
2 Alvissa: It sounded like someone short.
2 Lambert: Hello?! We have a dwarf in the party!
3 Dwalin: Och! 'Tweren't me!
4 Gollum: Yesss it wasss...
4 Draak: Draak smash!
4 Dwalin: Nae!!

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I'm not sure how I managed to do this, but Draak and Gollum got identical coloured speech bubbles. I didn't want to change one of then, since I really need the continuity of the colours in this sequence to indicate who's talking, since the images are black. Thankfully Draak talks in a different font, so it's easy to tell him apart from Gollum.

2017-05-27 Rerun commentary: There are only really about six easily distinguishable speech bubble colours. I used to just copy the colours from the previous relevant strip to ensure consistency, but I've since made a special Photoshop palette containing the colours. They developed organically, and whenever I needed a new colour in a particular theme, I just tried to make one that wasn't too close to all the other major colours in that theme. The results have often ended up with slightly different shades of green or blue, which are not easily distinguishable at first glance but only with careful inspection.

There's not much to be done about this, since I'm not keen to change the colours that have become consistent for each character, and also because there's no good alternatives which would be much better.

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