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<   No. 1562   2007-05-07   >

Comic #1562

1 Dwalin: Thus way, quick! We nid tae negootiate thus dark passage tae safety. {translation: This way, quick! We need to negotiate this dark passage to safety.} {leads the way into a pitch black tunnel}
2 Dwalin: {in pitch blackness} Och. Withoot thu wizard and his magic oorb, we're joost foombling aroond aimlessly in thu dark again. {translation: Darn. Without the wizard and his magic orb, we're just fumbling around aimlessly in the dark again.}
3 Mordekai: Which is different from what we normally do in what way?
4 Alvissa: At least we're safe for now.
4 Gollum: Gollum.

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I like how the first panel sets up the blend into the complete blackness of the tunnel.

It was actually tricky for me to decide how to light these scenes once Kyros and his glowing orb vanished. I went for a dull orange glow emanating from the depths of the chasm below the Bridge.

2017-05-07 Rerun commentary: It seems none of them bother to carry a lamp or a torch, choosing to rely on Kyros for magical illumination when needed.

Bad idea.

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