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<   No. 1532   2007-04-07   >

Comic #1532

1 Stud: {lying on the floor of a cell in Dr No's secret headquarters} Well, that's it then.
2 Stud: There's no way anyone could escape from one of these cells.
3 {silence}
4 Honey: (poking her head out of a duct above Stud} James? What are you doing lying there? Come on, let's escape through these ducts!

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Try blocking out the last panel, and the dialogue in the first two panels, and just look at the pictorial sequence from panel 1 to panel 2 to panel 3.

It makes me feel really good when I can produce effective visual storytelling in my chosen medium. It takes more planning and effort than the dialogue-driven stuff I usually do, which makes it all the more satisfying when I manage it.

2017-02-26 Rerun commentary: This scene is quite a departure from the original film on which this comic is based. In Dr No, James Bond uses strips of his clothing as an insulator to allow him to bash his way through the grille and into the ventilation duct, escaping from the cell by himself, and then going to rescue Honey Ryder later in the film.

Doing it this way is more in line with James Stud's incompetence.

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