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<   No. 1479   2007-02-13   >

Comic #1479

1 Alvissa: Orcs! Thousands of them! {thousands of orcs close in on the party, swarming from all directions in the vast Hall of Dworin, brandishing flaming torches and bloody weapons}
2 Alvissa: How do we get out of here, Dwalin?!
3 Dwalin: Thu nirrest exit is a mile and a quarter yonder! {translation: The nearest exit is a mile and a quarter that way!}
4 Mordekai: This really is a big room.

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I timed how long it took me to make the first panel of this strip. 38 minutes of non-stop work with Photoshop, starting with three separate photos. The final panel had 14 layers before I flattened it down to paste into the strip image itself.

I'm pretty sure that's not the longest I've ever spent making a single panel either. And that's just the image manipulation - that doesn't count time to build sets, arrange lighting, and take the photos.

I've seen accusations and dismissals of my work in various places in the net, complaining that I'm clearly too lazy to draw my comics. You know, I'm glad I'm too lazy.

2016-10-29 Rerun commentary: I hope those accusers and dismissers got a good look at Planet of Hats. See, I'm not too lazy to draw my comics.

I'm just not very good at it yet.

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