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<   No. 1396   2006-11-22   >

Comic #1396

1 Lambert: {in pitch blackness} This reminds me of the story my uncle Bilbert told me about how he found that ring he gave me.
2 Lambert: Said he picked it up in a dark cavern, just like this one.
3 Lambert: He was so reluctant to give it away. Always carried it with him, and took it out to admire it constantly. Called it his Precious...
4 Lambert: He refused to listen when I told him it was hobbit fawning.

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And this time you don't even have pictures to distract you from the horror of the words...

2016-06-24 Rerun commentary: And then there was the time when Uncle Bilbert found a baby deer in the woods, after its mother had been shot with a crossbow by a hunter. He couldn't bear to see the poor young beast suffer, so took it home and raised it himself.

The deer grew up to later become the Great Prince of the Forest.

That's the whole story.

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