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<   No. 1309   2006-08-27   >

Comic #1309

1 {scene: Me standing next to a building with a sign saying "Library". Shelves of books are visible through the windows.}
1 Me: A trip to the library!
2 Me: {walking along the shelves} Books are so coo... Huh?! What's this?
3 Me: {pulling out a book} "William Shakespeare"? "Complete Works"??
4 Me: {flipping it open} "Ophelia"? "Mercutio"? Someone's stolen my ideas!

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Yes, this is my local public library. Thankfully no librarians happened to walk past as these photos were being shot.

This strip marks a major landmark in Irregular Webcomic!'s history. If (as I write this three weeks ago) everything goes to schedule as normal, as of today there are more strips in the regular run of Irregular Webcomic! than there are in Mark Stanley's Freefall.

Well, I consider that a major feat, because Freefall is a big name in webcomics. Howard Tayler, your days are numbered!

2016-02-23 Rerun commentary: Freefall got a bit of a catch up while I spent three years not making new comics. But I'm still ahead, baby!

Unfortunately*, Howard Tayler ploughed ahead with Schlock Mercenary on a daily basis and remains way out in front of me.

One day, Tayler... when we're in our 80s, you might want to stop and just take a break. And I'll be there breathing down your neck...

* For my record, that is. Not for all the lucky readers of Schlock Mercenary.

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