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<   No. 1308   2006-08-26   >

Comic #1308

1 {scene: Young Monty cracks a whip at the crocodile}
1 [sound]: Crack!
1 Young Monty: Gosh, using a whip is easier than I thought. I'll have to remember this if I ever become a teacher.
2 Fedora: {stuck on the rear of the train and watching Young Monty ride off away on his horse} Huh. That kid's got guts. All I can do is shake my head and smile in grudging respect as he makes his getaway...
3 Young Monty: {bursting into his home with the Cross of Coronado} Dad! Dad! Look what I've got! You'll never guess...!
3 Prof. Jones: Junior! Count to a hundred. In Aramaic.
4 Young Monty: Kkadh, treyn, tlotho...
4 Prof. Jones: That should give me time to finish dinner!

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I did a bit of a search for Aramaic numbers, and found a few different sites listing them. The transliterations into Roman characters varied quite a lot, so I just picked one that looked relatively simple.

If I recall correctly, in the movie the language is Ancient Greek, but Aramaic was shorter and easier to fit into the speech bubble.

It turns out that the actual words in the movie are Modern Greek. Apparently the producers contacted an expert to ask for the numbers in Greek. The expert replied, "Ancient or Modern?" The producers answered, "Erm... whatever they would have used in 1912." So they got Modern.

This story may well be apocryphal, but it sounds good.

2016-02-22 Rerun commentary: One great thing about using a desaturated almost-sepia look to these shots is that I didn't have to make the sky blue.

I always wondered in this bit of the film why Young Indy didn't just blurt out, "Some guy wants to kill me for the Cross of Coronado!" Which presumably would have got his father interested enough to actually listen to him rather than brush him off.

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