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<   No. 1322   2006-09-09   >

Comic #1322

1 Me: Hmmm. Wikipedia has a page about comics that mention Wikipedia.
2 {Me reading.}
3 {Me looking thoughtful.}
4 Me: {to readers} Go on. You know Wikipedia needs a page about comics that mention the page on Wikipedia about comics that mention Wikipedia...

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And just because I know that someone might be tempted to actually add such a page, let me say that I do not condone messing around with actual Wikipedia data just for laughs. The character of "Me" in this comic is not me. I am not asking you to make such a page on Wikipedia. If you do make such a page based on this comic, then frankly you're a jerk. Got it?

2016-03-12 Rerun commentary: Well, I just checked the above-linked page for the first time in ages, and I see someone has added a small section to it titled "Comics that mention the page on Wikipedia about comics that mention Wikipedia". I suppose that's okay - I just didn't want anyone to make a whole page for it.

I also note that almost every single entry in the regular "webcomics that mention Wikipedia" section for the past five years is a strip from xkcd. Which tells me two things:

  1. xkcd is ridiculously popular amongst the sort of nerds who edit Wikipedia to add references to webcomics that mention Wikipedia.
  2. Wikipedia is now simply a regular part of daily life, rather than some new social phenomenon that any webcomics other than xkcd feel is necessary to refer to and make jokes about any more.

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